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This page houses a project spanning 5 years. It began in 2010 as a self-imposed challenge; A daily way of keeping myself accountable to the building of my business, and honing of my craft. When it came to a close in 2015 it felt more like a documentation of my professional evolution, and a glimpse of me while transitioning into my 30’s.


And so I give you “the daily photographer.”

Daily Photographer – Day 15

I think we’ll make today a day for my female audience.

Turns out it’s much easier for me to post like this, I don’t often have the time to sit down and say a whole lot. I hope you’re all enjoying these daily posts as much as I am. Even if they are often very short.

See you tomorrow,



Daily Photographer – Day 16

Today is a crazy photo day! Yay!

I keep trying to think of something to add to the first sentence but I can’t…so, um…revel in my brevity.

See you tomorrow,


Daily Photographer – Day 17

Sorry, for the delayed post today. I had to check with the publisher to see if I could show you this ahead of schedule.

I suppose there isn’t anything overly spectacular going on here but, for some reason I just love this shot. Michelle nailed it!

Sushi shot(s) tomorrow…be excited.


Daily Photographer – Day 18

Somehow I actually have time to sit and write a little today, awesome! It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and won’t be letting up anytime soon. Food photos, portraits, and fitness photography all next week. Good things, good things. Yesterday I was filmed giving a “testimonial” of sorts about a rising new photographer in KC named Johnna. She’s a wedding photographer with a great style check her work out here.

After that I had a shoot at a great restaurant in Leawood. Ra Sushi has such a cool atmosphere and some of the best sushi I’ve had in the midwest.

You know what…today you get two shots. This is only supposed to be a “one photo a day” kind of deal, but it’s my site and I make the rules right? Right.

Alright, now I have to run. Big meeting for a charity in a little while.

See you tomorrow,


Daily Photographer – Day 19

I’m running around like a madman today so no time to say much but, here is the shot for the day.

Have a great thursday!


Daily Photographer – Day 20

Ladies and gentlemen…allow me to introduce my favorite fruit:


Possibly the most frustrating fruit on the planet next to the coconut, but ooooh so delicious.

In other news…I’m off to shoot a fashion show today! In the raging blizzard that decided to visit.

Not so awesome.

Time to bundle up and hit the ol’ dusty (ridiculously snowy) trail.

See you tomorrow,


Daily Photographer – Day 21

So I figured that today I would give you a peek at what I was up to for the past 2 days.

Yesterday specifically I spent a grand total of about 10 hours shooting the prep/behind the scenes stuff, and then the actual show later on. From what I heard there was a tv pilot going on and I was interviewed by someone with a gigantic video camera. I had lens envy.

I’m sure I’ll post more as the days progress but for right now I’m gonna go chow down on the pizza. The oven timer just alerted me to its doneness!


See you tomorrow,


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